Consider, You are paying $10,000- $10,500 per month for good SEO services for a word in English, then it will charge you 1500$-3000$ per month for its equivalent keyword in Hebrew (these statistics are estimates and not exact ones).

8- Google is Still Learning Hebrew

Keep in mind that optimizing a blog for Google in Hebrew must require taking into account that Google is continuously improving its Hebrew robots. I want to say that Google can easily distinguish between single and plural of the similar words in Hebrew, Google also can, without a doubt, determine ordinary misspelled words. Ultimately, Google is humanizing its Hebrew data day by day…  

9- Other Search Engines Vs. Google

Did you know that Google holds approximately 94% of the searches in Israel? The core cause is that other search engines, for example, yahoo, Bing, and Live, and even local search engine like Walla; recognize just fundamental Hebrew which is as much as necessary for basic searches and this isn’t sufficient for properly elaborating intricate query searches. In the end, local search engines left with their poor search results which are not as much of relevant as Google’s. So, as a smart blogger, you have to keep in mind that nearly total searches in Hebrew are finished by means of Google.  

10- Old Technology Still Works

Did you the fact that expertise is approximately one and half years behind from technology? This is the major reason behind old SEO techniques which are not as much effective in, still work for Such kind of SEO techniques generally consists of link exchanging with article directories of any category and link buying (but,,, I personally with my yet blogging experience believe that buying backlinks is not harmful). BTW, this isn’t an advice to make use of such processes which are less applicable for, because after a few months they may restrict such manners to apply to also and that will be very harmful to your property (website or blog).


Marketing a blog/website locally in Israel, whatever in English or in the Hebrew language, should be done by an Israeli SEO/SEM company knowing and living the local language and more important the local mentality. Note: If you want to do it yourself I also recommend you to do it yourself because it is not so much difficult and it saves a chunk of money which you can use for other purposes like buying a lovely dress for your Girlfriend…

10 Most Effective Hebrew SEO Techniques To Rank Hebrew Site In Israel

10 Most Effective Hebrew SEO Techniques To Rank Hebrew Site In Israel Around the world Search…